We want to contribute and build together an educational community of people aware of the care of life.


Marta García Ruiz

Director and Founder

Social Educator and specialist in Educational Inclusion. Trained in active pedagogies and respectful accompaniment.

Passionate about integral education, the human being and nature lover.

My professional experience has offered me to know many areas of education working with different social groups (disability, addictions, homeless, elderly, children at risk of social exclusion, reception centers). After this journey of more than 10 years travelling and nourishing myself from all these experiences, in 2013 motherhood gave a turn to my life and began in me a deep process of searching and learning related to education based on respect and love for children.
In 2014 I founded Davida Active School, where we (Raul, Helena and I) worked, shared and grew together in those years. Now, again the 3 of us resurfaced to create Tierra Active School, a project that has lived our personal and professional evolution.


Raúl García Ruiz

Co-director and Founder

Gestalt therapist specialized in adolescence and childhood, and Specialist in Body Movement and Psychomotricity.

In 2010 I began my personal and professional development journey, experiencing a new, kinder way of being and relating to myself and what surrounds me.

I begin to contact my most playful and creative version through clown, laughter therapy, art therapy, music and dance, play. I focus on it and experiment with free and authentic movement, energy centres, voice and breath, meditation, bioenergetics and eneagram, deciding then to form myself as a facilitator of body movement and later as a Gestalt therapist.
In 2014 I put my experience at the disposal of Davida Active School and focus my learning on educational currents based on respectful accompaniment.
With Tierra, I feel grateful and excited to be able to accompany children, adults and groups in the way of life that each one chooses, with presence, transparency, honesty, responsibility and care. And as a background guide in this project, nature, source of self-regulation and connection of the human being with its essence.


Helena Martínez Garrido

Pedagogical Coordinator and Founder

Primary School Teacher and Companion, Specialist in Educational Innovation and Creative and Artistic Education.

My path has gone through the interest towards humanism, illustration, writing, art, history or environmentalism, transiting diverse experiences until landing in Education.

From my teaching studies, my look and experience was meeting with different educational visions, learning from formations such as the CSU of Active Pedagogies and respectful accompaniment to childhood, Masters in Neuroeducation, multiple intelligences and mindfulness and in Policies and practices in educational innovation, Creative Education, Active Listening or CNV, while working and exploring as an accompanying teacher in different projects and active schools, integrating human development with the SAT Program, mindfulness and humanistic psychology in my growth as a person.
In recent years I have dedicated myself as a trainer and advisor to teach courses, lectures and workshops with students, families and educators at the University of Almeria, associations and educational centers, disseminating and sharing educational perspectives that help us to understand and accompany children from a more human, relaxed and natural place.

Accompanying teachers: We are currently in the selection process of the rest of the members who will make up Tierra’s pedagogical team.