Earth Training Program.

Tierra Active School in Nature proposes a training focused on the Human Being and Nature, based on holistic learning, integral education and active and respectful pedagogies. It will take place one afternoon or weekend a month in Tierra’s spaces, and will be given by the project’s management and pedagogical team (with external collaborations). It is aimed at families, educators, students or anyone interested in this field and subject matter. (Extended information during the 2021/22 academic year).

Other workshops or events that may be offered in the space:

– Trainings on active pedagogies, forest schools or respectful accompaniment.

– Trainings and workshops related to nature and the environment or food.

– Trainings and workshops related to human development and personal growth.

– Talks and seminars on topics related to Tierra.


Earth Grows: Personal growth and development program.

Tierra proposes a space related to work and personal growth linked to the accompaniment of children, emotional balance and personal well-being, aimed at all members of the educational community (students, families, companions and people linked to the school). 

The therapeutic model is personal and group, based on a humanistic approach (Gestalt) of human development and transformation, helping us to be present and accompany children and adults in a healthier and more balanced way, becoming aware of ourselves and putting in coherence mind, emotion and body, through various tools (body work, art therapy, play therapy, etc.).

The sessions are aimed at children, adolescents, fathers and/or mothers, families and companions/educators.

Facilitator: Raúl García Ruiz. Gestalt therapist (Institut Gestalt endorsed by the AETG) specialized in adolescence and childhood (CETHA). Integrative Body Process (In-Corpore School – Madrid) and SAT II Process (Claudio Naranjo Foundation).

Green Earth: Environmental education, sustainability and respect for nature program.

Tierra aims to work on the environmental sustainability of the school and its surroundings through organizational and educational practices, facilitating the integration of environmental, eco-social knowledge and respect for nature.

The program contemplates actions around environmental education and sustainable development of the school, awareness and dissemination in the educational community and beyond, promoting Sustainability in the 21st Century, “the development that allows meeting current needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs” (Report of the World Commission on Environment and Development).

Various activities and contents, materials or workshops will be developed in the school community, integrating students, staff, families and other members of the educational community, as well as organizations, citizens of the environment and experts in environmental issues such as:

Nature and biodiversity.

Collective and personal work in common spaces and homes.

Mobility and climate change.

Energy efficiency.

Health and food.

Consumption and natural resources.

Global Earth: English language integration program.

At Tierra Active School in Nature we believe that linguistic immersion is an important part of global knowledge, coexistence and respect between cultures.

The English language can be a significant bridge between cultures and people from different parts of the world, enriching learning, experiences and growth as a person within society.

As an International School we propose spaces, times and activities that can reach the entire educational community:

To the infant and primary students as a significant part of their learning, in an experiential and natural way, through the Linguistic Immersion plans for both stages, and a specific one for the primary group with a Communicative Approach, being applied in the school in an integral and globalized way.

Also to the adults who are part of Tierra, as teachers, families and collaborators, through workshops, coexistence, globalized proposals connected to the natural environment, environmental education, creativity, corporal or musical expression and integral health, with the help of English-speaking staff, environments and adapted materials.


*All programs are presented through activities, workshops, sessions or long-term projects with different dynamics, experiences, teachings and learning through direct experience, reflection and integration. They are proposed parallel to or outside of the school schedule.